Welcome To Our Farm!

Here you will find farm fresh milk that is proudly produced at our
farm by our farmers and cows. Welcome to PP Reddy Dairy!
Hyderabad's most trusted milk brand* has set out to remind Indians why milk matters. Milk matters to our dairy farmers who dedicate their lives to it, to our manufacturing teams who ensure it’s produced to exacting standards, to our milk men and women who deliver it daily to everyone who enjoys a soothing drop in their morning cuppa or a splash on their cereal. For over 20 years our passionate Dairy Farmers community has worked to bring delicious, fresh milk to Indians every single day – we know that milk matters too much to under value it. We hope you enjoy our celebration of the Dairy Farmers community – and join us in considering why milk matters.

Whats Fresh

From Our Family

to Yours

Because of high standards of hygiene and quality control, PP Reddy Dairy is the best milk brand in Hyderabad in every way — our superior quality milk is delivered fresh - to your doorstep through a process that is completely natural from start to finish. It’s everything that milk should be!

Why PP Reddy Dairy ?

Farm to home fresh milk
Homogenised & Pasteurised milk
Low bacterial count
No additives or preservatives


See what our customers are saying!

  • Vikas
    The milk is always fresh and delicious, no other brand of milk comes close. They are very reliable on the delivery and have great customer service!!
  • Sujata
    I was on a lookout for milk for my family where quality was assured. It is re-assuring to see the testing process and lab reports of PPReddy milk - they seem to be paying a lot more attention to quality milk than even the big brands!
  • Kavita
    As a mother of two hyper active adolescents - I am not only worried about the nutrition for the children but also my daily diet. I find PPReddy milk to be wholesome and fresh which has had a definite impact on my energy levels through the day!