About Us

PPReddy Dairy has earned the prestigious ISO 9000 certification, demonstrating the company’s dedication to maintaining the highest possible quality across all of its operations. With a daily output of 25,000 litres, most technologically advanced dairy farm producing a premium farm-to-home milk.

The PPReddy farm has a total area of 30 acres farm & 80 Acres cattle feed farm in Hyderabad. With cutting-edge machinery for feeding, milking, and processing that is in line with international standards, this farm has been hailed as India’s most technologically sophisticated. Our dedication to milk is reflected in the PPReddy name. Milk has the ability to stimulate curiosity, creativity, enhance taste, and make us feel fulfilled and happy. Milk, we think, milk plays a crucial role in life, helping to fortify and shield the body and mind so that one may experience daily fulfilment and success. When it comes to nutrition and health, we all know that the greatest cows & Buffaloes milk is unrivalled.

Our Successfull


After Construction & Real Estate, PPReddy Group with a passion towards dairy, established PPReddy Dairy out of a love for farming and animals. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve grown from a herd of 50 to 350 cows & buffaloes at our farm today, making us one of the city’s largest milk producers and supplying milk across Telangana.

Our Mission

Natural and nutritious milk— milk produced without potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers; is essential for good health of our children. At PPReddy, our philosophy and decisions are based on health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. We are a mission driven company and are associated with family farmers who believe in organic way of producing milk as much as we do.


What our customers Say!

The milk is always fresh and delicious, no other brand of milk comes close. They are very reliable on the delivery and have great customer service!!

Vikas Consultant

I was on a lookout for milk for my family where quality was assured. It is re-assuring to see the testing process and lab reports of PPReddy milk - they seem to be paying a lot more attention to quality milk than even the big brands!

Sujata Homemaker

As a mother of two hyper active adolescents - I am not only worried about the nutrition for the children but also my daily diet. I find PPReddy milk to be wholesome and fresh which has had a definite impact on my energy levels through the day!

Kavitha Homemaker

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